Modern Art and Evolution Trends

trendsArt trends typically follow other industry markets such as fashion, furniture & accessories, and home construction. Like every other year, 2016 is no exception! To explore these coming changes, you need a crystal ball. Studying and analyzing trends is the crystal ball. A trend is like a parrot it just keeps telling you what is coming ahead and describes it so apparently you cannot miss it.

What Is Modern Art?

This defines the art that was produced before the 70s. Its hallmarks are a throwing away of the old techniques and the adoption of an attitude of experimentation. Evolution trends are the change that denotes that an entity has moved from one phase of development to another. Evolution creates a better adaptable creature or entity that can better tackle the challenges.

What Trends are there in 2016?

1. Celebrity Tattoo Artists

Americans have spent around $1.65 billion dollars in 2015. They are more tattoo-friendly than ever. Prepare to see a sharp uptick in celeb tatters as more artists find an outlet for their work and can express their individual styles through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Pay close attention to the world of celebrity tattoo artists as 2016 seems primed to be the year this trend goes global.

2. Professional Art Copiers

The lines between originality, plagiarism, cultural critique, and mass-produced art will be getting hazy in 2016.It could well be the year of the inspired, professional art copier. Look to Stanley Casselman’s Inhaling Richter Moments series as proof of just how good a fake can come out. You may be wondering how this works. Isn’t stealing and copying art punishable by law? Let that rest for now keep an eye out for a boom in pro copies this year.

3. Virtual Reality in Art

3dNo need explaining Virtual reality. There is a new kid on the block. Augmented reality lies between full immersion of virtual reality and the natural world around you. Augmented reality inserts images into the reality around you. AR has wide-ranging applications.

From creating interactive mobile gaming. It helps archaeologists re-create and re-experience an ancient site. It helps create invisible galleries that exhibit the work of artists such as Picasso. In the comfort of your living room. Google Glass may have died a natural death, yet don’t let that mislead you. Augmented reality is primed to explode among a public that wants virtual reality, but can’t afford the high cost of new VR hardware.

4. Social Media as a Medium for Artists

Thanks to WhatsApp it’s easier than ever for artists to get their work seen by the masses. Perhaps most keen at capitalizing on this opportunity are tattoo artists. They use social media to show off their needling skills and become celebrities in their right. Tattoo artists like stoner-friendly Seanfromtexas and macabre Cris Cleen, these tattoo artists turn likes into a powerful personal brand.

5. Selfie Art

Selfies are the norm now. In the world of art, they’re an especially common sight. So forget pencils and brushes, here come the selfie sticks. These are the trends that will keep 2016 memorable. Take a notebook note them down somewhere. From the professional copiers to tattoos artists it is set to be an exciting year

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