Introduction to Visual Arts

Art is all about capturing an artist’s vision on canvas. Art is everywhere. There are many ways that art can be expressed. Art has come a long way from the age-old primitive arts to the contemporary forms of it. Once you understand the place of art in man’s culture, you will begin to appreciate it.visual arts

The word means anything that comes from the human mind. The creation is beautiful to look at and attract one due to the beauty. It brings to the stage the core feeling going through a artists mind. Art because of the appeal and this sentimental value is collected and sold at expensive auctions.

What is Visual Arts?

Just put this is art put together for the eyes. The artist put the creation together to attract your sense of sight. In the group are areas such as decorative arts and painting.

What Are The Different Types Of Visual Arts?

1. Pop Art

Pop art is a style that is bright and in your face. The abbreviation of popular art denotes something colorful and represents the real elements of an era of consumerism. Inspiration is drawn from mediums like advertisements, newspaper headlines, comic strips, black and white pictures and also photographs.

2. Abstract Art

Shape, forms and color take precedence and the flow of emotions are considered necessary. As the name defines it, artists here do not believe that showing particular objects is of importance. . This has also been taken into account similar to non-figurative art, non-objective art and other such styles.

3. Cubism

Led by artists like Picasso, artists use geometric shapes to create images. Paintings often do not look real but reflect the beauty of forms. Paintings focus on art in ways. Portraits were often deconstructed to the two-dimensional surface and diverse viewpoints considered for creating art.

4. Expressionism:

More that the size and shape of the picture, artists here work to bring across expressions, and hence the name. Artists would thus penetrate into the inner state of things of the outer world.

4. Fauvism

artThis art form made use of non-naturalistic colors with works often being painted directly from nature. These paintings used bright colors and forms, initially shocking viewers and causing critics to call them ‘les fauves’ or ‘wild beasts’. The art form emerged in Paris, and the pictures showcased individual artists’ strong personal feelings.

5. Realism

Images in this form of art are made to appear as they are. This means that portraits or scenes are drawn as an objective reality that exists for a third person. Artists thus paint pictures with the right color combinations to depict people, places or objects.

6. Primitive Arts

Also known as naïve arts, ethnographic arts, tribal arts, outsider arts or local arts, here pictures look like they have been drawn by a child. The images may be religious or ceremonial in nature and can be on various mediums like stone walls, caves or wooden carvings. This form of art usually shows simple pictures without much artistic detailing.

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