Modern Art

Girl drawsModern Art, sometimes called modern sculpture or modern painting is a term that is used to represent evolving ideas of the 1870 writers, sculptors, performers and painters who collectively and individually sought for new approaches to art design. Modern art though may not seem that modern started in 1870 during the arrival of realism. The approaches to modern art have so far been redefined all through the 20th century where each and every practitioner came up with their own unique and original visual language.

History of Modern Art

Modern Art started back in the year 1863 during the year of Eduardo Manet. It underwent significant rapid changes through the 19th century. The changes in the transportation, manufacturing, and technological sector greatly propelled the development of modern art. People started populating the urban cities and as a result, there was a cramp in the living status and conditions of the people. This led to the increased demand for the urban architecture, applied art and design and much more developments. Most of the currently best art museums were founded by the art tycoons of the 19th century.

artist hand painting with brush  in the meadowsThere were two major developments that led to advancement in the modern art. John Rand invented the paint tube art, and the other progress was made in the field of photography. This technique contributed significantly to the currently know impressionism. This led to a significant impact on how artists responded and painted the world that surrounded them. The social changes that happened during the 19th century contributed to more advancement in the modern art. This was the time most artists started making arts of people, places and also the ideas that attracted them. Urban landscaping and genre painting were as a result of development in cities, railway networks and also the development of slums.

Perhaps, there were significant changes that took place over the 19th century. The introduction and growth of political thought significantly contributed to the rise of artists such as Courbet and other great artists to promote the Realist Painting. Moreover, the publication of the book Interpretation of Dreams’ in 1899 by Sigmund Freud led to the notion of subconscious mind. This made various artists to fully explore the art of Symbolism which later advanced to Surrealism. German Expressionism emerged due as Sigmund Freud promoted the idea of self-consciousness. This is where most artists started expressing their subjective feelings as well as their experiences from their surroundings.

Characteristics of modern artPainting reality

  • Modern art comes with new types of art. Modern art is known to be the first in developing collage art, kinetic art, assemblage art, several forms of photography, land art and performance art.
  • Modern art uses new materials. Sculptors in the modern art used new or found objects to create a variety of junk works.
  • Modern art is the first to explore the use of color in art and design.
  • Modern art also used new or unique techniques.

Some Examples of Modern Art

  • Anamorphosis; this is a technique that incorporates the drawing of images in a way that they can be interpreted and understood from different angles.
  • Photorealism; this is the production of lifelike images i.e. the imitation of the actual photos through copying of the smallest camera details.
  • Reverse 3D images; this is the technique that focuses on drawing objects to look like a painting.
  • Shadow art; this incorporates the positioning of images in a manner that they can cast beautiful shadows of images of people, places or even words.
  • Reverse Graffiti; this involves the removal of dirt instead of adding paint and is similar to the dirty car art.
  • Body Art Illusion; this involves the painting of human canvas in a manner that it blends with the background.
  • Light Painting; this is the use of open shutter camera to take pictures of swirling light movements.

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