What is Art?

Notebook mock up for artwork or logo design presentation with creative objects. View from aboveThere are so many things that could be considered art that you can’t even count them all.  Here are a few different types of Art:


This is an art that incorporates drawn characters in cinema. Due to advancement in technology it has been used to entertain and pass messages to different types of people.


It involves designing and projecting buildings. It is very necessary in managing space during construction projects.

Body art

It uses the human body to express message. For example tattoos, make up and canvas.

Brief art

This is art that is made to send message and it will last for a short while. For instance in fruit sculpture.


This is a type of art that is used to create sensation using recorded movements and dialogues.

Comic writing

This is an art where the artist will tell a story using scripts and drawings. It is an art that is practiced by few people because it needs talent for one to come up with a script that will tell an interesting story. You can also learn the art through practice.


Dancing is an art of moving. It can involve moving while music is played so that you will move according to the rhythm of the music or just moving your body in a logical manner that will entertain viewers without necessarily music being played.

Here’s a combination of Dance and Video Art

Digital art

Due to advancement in technology, digital art was born. This is a form of art where you will use pixels and vectors in a computer to present a message.


It involves creating a meaningful shape that will represent a message on a piece of paper.


It is a variant of sculpture, but it is made on small items.

Fractal art

It is made from physical expression of mathematical calculations.


It involves mixing flavors with an aim of causing pleasures in meals.


Gold smithery or silver smithery is the art of creating jewellery out of the precious metals.

GraffitiGRAFFITI 08 2015 11

This is a type of painting that uses the latest technology.


This is the art of sounds and silences. Music can be learned through practice. It is an art that has made many musicians very rich and famous. It is mostly used to teach and entertain.


This is an art that will combine music, singing, and theater.


Girl drawsThis is one of the oldest art on earth. It involves expressing things the way they are with color.


This is the art of capturing moments in a computer file or film. It is a famous art that has evolved with time to incorporate the latest technology which lead to production of clear photos.


This is a kind of writing that is not focused in telling a story.


You may have seen beautiful items made out of clay and mud. The art of transforming mud and clay into presentable items is referred to as pottery. It is an art that has been in existence for a long period of time.


It involves giving shape in volumes.


It is an art that incorporates human sound which can be performed in a combined group or solo performance.


Theatre involves presenting a story to an audience. There are many actors who have gained great popularity in different regions of the world in history due to their great ability of performing well in theatre.


Woodwork is an art of transforming wood into other forms. The wood can be used to represent messages that can be used over generations or just as items to add beauty to a home.


This is an art where the artist will have to tell a story using words. There are many books that have been written by different writers. The writers focus on a certain area where they educate the public.

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